D.A. Gascón is making Los Angeles safer through policies backed by data and science that are supported by the overwhelming majority of victims of violent crime.

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  1. Hold the Police
  2. End the prosecution
    of children as adults.
  3. Abolish the Death Penalty.
  4. Limit Outdated
    Sentencing Enhancements.

George Gascón is making LA Safer by healing communities who have long suffered from an outdated and ineffective criminal justice system.


Reject A Recall That Stands for More Punishment, Not More Safety
  • Recall proponents want DA Gascón to send children to adult prisons. Incarcerating kids as adults has never been shown to increase safety, but it has been shown to increase the likelihood that they will reoffend when they get out.

  • Recall proponents want DA Gascón to seek the death penalty. The death penalty does not deter crime, but it does drag victims through decades of appeals for a sentence that won’t be imposed given California’s moratorium on executions.

  • Recall proponents want DA Gascón to seek life without parole in spite of the fact that less than 0.5% of lifers released by the parole board commit new crimes against persons.

Reject A Recall Led by Right-Wing Trump Mega Donors and Police Unions
  • The top contributor to the recall is mega Trump donor Geoff Palmer who spent $2 million to reelect Donald Trump.

  • The Chair of the recall is former Republican city councilman Dennis Zine who was also a board member of the regressive, anti-reform police union, LAPPL, which spent $1 million to defeat DA Gascón in the general election last November.

  • Beleaguered LA Sheriff, Alex Villanueva, who has enabled a culture of Deputy Gangs in his department that is under investigation by the Department of Justice for myriad civil rights abuses, is the recall’s most prominent supporter.

  • Former District Attorney Steve Cooley, who said Black Lives Matter should be treated like, “organized crime,” is also a vocal supporter of the recall.

Reject A Recall Calling for Policies That Victims of Violent Crime Oppose 2 to 1
  • Surveys show victims of violent crime in Los Angeles support policies that promote rehabilitation and prevention over longer periods of incarceration–by a margin of 2 to 1.

About Gascón

From serving as a beat cop with the LAPD, to Chief of Police in America’s most progressive and conservative cities, to top prosecutor, George Gascón has reduced violent crime in every leadership position he has held over his decorated 40-year career in law enforcement. Gascón has reduced racial disparities in the criminal justice system, rates of recidivism, and has fought to end California’s over-reliance on mass incarceration. Gascón is bringing his data-driven reforms that are proven to enhance safety to Los Angeles County.

Stand For Change. Stand With Gascón.

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Did You Know?

Between 2012 and 2019, Los Angeles County sent more people to state prison, per capita, than 56 of 58 counties in California. In spite of this, violent crime increased over 25%.

Mass incarceration and the dated policies backed by recall proponents haven’t made LA safer.

In D.A. Gascón's 1st 100 days

Withdrew 77 pending motions to transfer juveniles to adult court
Stopped seeking the death penalty in 17 active cases
Cut 8,172 prison years by limiting excessive sentencing practices
A Recall Attempt.

Trump mega-donors, beleaguered Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva, right-wing Republicans, police unions and other stalwart opponents to criminal justice reform are leading a desperate attempt to recall DA Gascón. Their goal? To return Los Angeles to the failed tough-on-crime policies of the 1980s and 1990s.

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is really behind the
desperate effort to
recall DA Gascón.
pointing the finger


Geoff Palmer

Alex Villanueva
LA County Sheriff

The LA County Democratic Party has demanded the resignation of a beleaguered sheriff Alex Villanueva. Villanueva has ignored deputy gangs within the LA County Sheriff's Department and is fighting to re-hire deputies previously fired for misconduct.


Geoff Palmer

Steve Cooley
Fmr AG Candidate

Once a Republican candidate for Attorney General, Cooley has said law enforcement should treat Black Lives Matter “like gangs or organized crime” and has been a staunch opponent of justice reforms.


Geoff Palmer

Geoff Palmer
Trump Mega Donor

A Trump Mega-Donor who donated $2 million to a pro-Trump PAC, Palmer is a billionaire LA developer who sued LA County to avoid supporting affordable housing efforts.


Geoff Palmer

Dennis Zine
Fmr LA Councilmember

Former Republican LA City Councilmember, Zine is a former police officer with a conservative track record and a long history of rejecting criminal justice reform efforts.


Police Unions Are Spending Big Bucks To Oppose A D.A. Holding Them Accountable

  • +Beverly Hills POA
  • +Palos Verdes POA
  • +Pasadena POA
  • +El Segundo POA
  • +San Gabriel POA
  • +Glendale POA
  • +Montebello POA
  • +Gardena POA
  • +Vernon POA
  • +Assn of Probation Supervisors
  • +LA School Police Mgmt Assn
As America mourns the anniversary of George Floyd's murder, Alex Villanueva–currently under investigation by the Department of Justice for his agency's widespread culture of deputy gangs–is kicking off a campaign to undermine progress, community safety, and law enforcement accountability. LA finally has a District Attorney willing to stand up and hold law enforcement accountable, and it's no surprise that the leader of one of the most rogue and deadly agencies in America is behind the effort to undermine LA's movement for Black Lives.
Melina Abdullah Melina Abdullah Co-founder, Black Lives Matter - LA

Research and data
show the policies
championed by
DA Gascón make
LA safer


Police Accountability


  • Hired an independent special prosecutor to review egregious past incidents of use of force by law enforcement officers
  • Asked all law enforcement agencies in Los Angeles County to turn over their list of officers accused of misconduct
  • Filed felony charges against eight officers since taking office for various offenses

No Longer Prosecute Kids as Adults


  • Kids who remain in the juvenile system have increased access to rehabilitative services and education opportunities reducing future offending behavior. *
  • Locking up kids has been correlated with higher rates of recidivism and severe trauma. **
  • Brain development continues into our mid-20s, which suggests that kids make impulsive decisions without considering the consequences. ***

* Southern Poverty Law Center
** Southern Poverty Law Center
*** Journal of Adolescent Health


Limit Sentence Enhancements and Three Strikes


  • Enhancements have never been shown to enhance safety but excessive sentences have been shown to increase rates of re-offense leading to more victims of crime *

* University of Michigan


Divert Many First-Time Low-Level Misdemeanors


  • Prosecuting first time non-violent misdemeanors significantly increases the risk of rearrest. *
  • Non-prosecution reduces the rate at which nonviolent misdemeanor defendants are charged with subsequent violent offenses. **
  • Misdemeanor cases make up 80% of cases in the U.S. criminal legal system, siphoning scarce resources away from prosecuting more serious and violent crimes.
* National Bureau of Economic Research
** National Bureau of Economic Research

Ending the Death Penalty


  • The death penalty has never been shown to deter crime. *
  • Seeking the death penalty siphons resources away from the prosecution of other serious violent crimes.
  • Researchers have calculated a death penalty trial alone adds between $500,000 and $1.2 million, dollars that could be invested in proven interventions that enhance public safety. **
* The Death Penalty Information Center
** Loyola Law Review

Work to End Cash Bail


  • Cash bail is as unsafe as it is unjust. *
  • Dangerous individuals with resources who commit serious offenses can buy their freedom while those who pose no threat to our community languish behind bars.
  • Even short stints in jail can increase the likelihood someone re-offends in the future. **
* American Bar Association
** The University of Chicago
+ Organizations
Los Angeles County Democratic Party +  Los Angeles County Democratic Party
Black Lives Matter - Los Angeles +  Black Lives Matter - Los Angeles
Color of Change +  Color of Change
SEIU 2015 +  SEIU 2015
Prosecutors Alliance of California +  Prosecutors Alliance of California
Courage California +  Courage California
LA Voice +  LA Voice
Community Coalition (CoCo) +  Community Coalition (CoCo)
+National Lawyers Guild of Los Angeles
+Black Jewish Justice Alliance
+Centro CSO Community Service Organization
+Anti-Recidivism Coalition
+Peoples College of Law
+HOPE for All
+Ground Game LA
+Arts for Healing and Justice Network
+Rhythm Arts Alliance
+AMP Los Angeles
+Street Poets
+Los Angeles County Democratic Party
+The Row LA
+Centro de Vida Victoriosa
+Interfaith Movement 4
+Human Integrity
+Paving the Way Foundation
+Latino and Latina Roundtable of the San Gabriel and Pomona Valley
+Los Angeles Regional Reentry Partnership
+Translatina Coalition
+LA Voice
+Courage California
+International White People 4 Black Lives
+Essie Justice Group
+Reform LA Jails
+The People's City Council
+Creating Justice - LA
+Sunrise Movement LA
+Council on American-Islamic Relations
+Coalition for Humane Immigrant Right
+Homies Unidos
+Freedom For Immigrants
+Organizers in Solidarity
+Smart Justice California
+Southern Christian Leadership
+Conference - Southern California
+Neighborhoods Rise Coalition
+Initiate Justice
+Santa Monica Democratic Club
+Pomona Valley Democratic Club
+Bend the Arc
+Prosecutors Alliance of California
+American Indian Movement SoCal
+Me Too Survivors March
+ People
+  Karen Bass Karen Bass


+  Tony Cárdenas Tony Cárdenas


+  Alan Lowenthal Alan Lowenthal


+  Grace Napolitano Grace Napolitano


+  Sydney Kamlager Sydney Kamlager

State Senator

+  Holly Mitchell Holly Mitchel

Supervisor, LA County

+  Father Greg Boyle Father Greg Boyle

Founder, Homeboy Industries

+  Susan Burton Susan Burton

Founder, A New Way of Life

+Marina Elena Durazo
State Senator
+Lena Gonzalez
State Senator
+Reginald Sawyer Sr.
+Wendy Carrillo
+Chris R. Holden
+Miguel Santiago
+Lindsey Horvath
Mayor, West Hollywood
+Marco Barcena
Mayor, Bell Gardens
+Ivan Altamirano
Mayor, Commerce
+Jorge Marquez
Mayor, Covina
+Sasha Perez
Mayor, Alhambra
+Graciela Ortiz
Mayor, Huntington Park
+Jose Gonzalez
Mayor, Cudahy
+Elizabeth Alcantar
Vice Mayor, Cudahy
+Henry Lo
Mayor PT, Monterey Park
+Ali Sajjad Taj
Councilmember, Artesia
+Marqueece Harris Dawson
Councilmember, Los Angeles
+Lisseth Flores
Councilmember, Bell Gardens
+Denise Diaz
Councilmember, South Gate
+ David Argudo
Councilmember La Puente
+Maria Dávila
Councilmember, South Gate
+Curren Price Jr.
Councilmember, Los Angeles
+Mike Bonin
Councilmember, Los Angeles
+Victor Preciado
Councilmember, Pomona
+Nithya Raman
Councilmember, Los Angeles
+Angie Marie Jimenez
Councilmember, Montebello
+John Nolte
Councilmember, Pomona
+Scarlet Peralta
Councilmember, Montebello
+Konstantine Anthony
Councilmember, Burbank
+Victor Sanchez
Councilmember, Bellflower
+Jeannine Pearce
Fmr Councilmember, Long Beach
+Peter Dreier
Prof, Occidental College

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